The History of Shaving

The early times of shaving

Viking Shave Club just began its’ journey in Europe, but our club is growing fast and steady. As inspired by our European members' requests, we are now starting to write a blog. The world of shaving and razors is wide and interesting but our first topic is quite simple: the history of shaving and shave tech.

Did you know that back in stone age, people used flint, clamshells or even shark teeth to shave their beards? Neither did we before doing some research. Throughout the history, people have used almost any sharp object available for shaving. For example, golden (they had a sense of style, no doubt) and copper razors have been found in some Egyptian tombs. Julius Caesar supposedly preferred to have his beard plucked out with tweezers. Alexander the Great, on the other hand, used a block of iron with one edge sharpened. He also told his men to shave their beards so the enemies could not grab them in melee. The beards and body hair have had a strong position in some cultures and religions and were not therefore shaved, though.

Old Razor


The development of modern razors

Razors and knives similar to ours were already used back in the 18th century. The first disposable double-edged blades were developed in 1895 by King C. Gillette. The first electronic shaver was invented and patented by Jacob Schick in 1929. Modern system razors as we know them got their shape in 1960’s when the first multi-bladed models were launched.

After this, there have not been any significant technological improvements in the razor market. However due to an excessive increase in marketing and advertising budgets, the razor blade prices have been rising on a continuous basis. Large brands in the United States discovered that using celebrities as mannequins for their advertising campaigns and launching new “shave-tech” razors every now and then would give them a reason to raise prices and earn a few extra dollars. That also made it easier to negotiate smaller competitors off the shelves and keep the competition low since retailers prefer products with higher profits. Due to the high prices and the small size of the razor blades, they are now one of the most stolen products in physical retail stores.

The new age of no-nonsense

Ironically enough, until the 21st century there have not been cheaper high-quality options on the market. The branded blades are mostly stored behind locked doors while  disposable razors and low-quality options leave you razor burns. We believe that modern razors in 2016 need to be simple, elegant, sharp and yet reasonably priced. Seriously, it should be all that matters. That is why we are the first shave club in Europe to offer a winning combination of high quality razors for just three euros, delivered right to your door. You can check our epic selection out here.

That is all for now folks. On our next blog we will be discussing vikings and the question that a lot of our members have been thinking about: Did Vikings shave? Stay tuned.

-Sami M. / Viking Shave Club

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