One-time shaving products

Choose what you want to receive in the first shipment on top of your razors and blades. These products will be shipped to you only once. OBS! The discounted prices are only for the VSC members for a limited time.


Burberry Aftershave


An optimized choice for your aftershave needs: Burberry After Shave 50ml. Calms and soothes your skin after the shaving while leaving your face to feel fresh and new-born. Our choice of the month for a modern Viking.



Lacoste Shaving gel


One of the best shaving gels out there, chosen for you by the VSC team: Lacoste 50ml shaving gel. This shaving gel smells luxurious and makes you feel more manly. It is especially designed for the modern self-conscious gentlemen, who want to maximize the value for money.


CK, Lacoste, Burberry

VSC bundle of the month


The one and only, VSC-chosen all-in-one selection that gives you an exclusive feeling after every single time you shave or take a shower. This set is equally suitable for a king and a modern Viking. This bundle contains Calvin Klein's Eternity for men hair & body wash - bottle on top of the shaving gel and aftershave that you can buy separately.