• How does the Viking Shave Club membership work?
    • You sign up when you make an order for the first time. After selecting a razor you create an account at the checkout by entering your email address and creating a password. Fill in your shipping address and billing details and we'll ship you the blades.
    • You will receive the blades and a lifetime-lasting razor (handle) in your first order. Then we ship you blades for the razor according to your subscription.
    • You can change the product or delivery interval or cancel your membership anytime for free.
  • Are there any fees when I sign up?
    • No. You just pay for the products and shipping.
  • How does the billing work after first order? When will I get charged?
    • Whenever you choose to! We will charge you only a day before sending your next shipment. For example, if you buy the King-model on 01.06.2016 and choose the delivery frequency to be every 2 months, your next billing (15€) will be 01.08.2016 once we ship your next box. So you will end up spending only five euros per month!
  • What does my first order include?
    • It includes blades and the handle model you chose. After that you will receive fresh blades every month.
  • What if I don‘t need to shave so often?
    • You can change your delivery frequency after the first order. Just sign in to your account and select the frequency that fits your needs.
  • How can I cancel my membership?
    • You are free to cancel anytime and it is really simple. Just log in to your account, go to "Manage your membership", click "Edit" next to the order description and then select "Cancel subscription".
  • How do I switch the razor model?
    • Login to your account, go to "Manage your membership" and cancel it like explained above. After that you'll need to make a new subscription with the model you want. We're sorry that it isn't more straightforward! We will then send your new handle with the next blades.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    • Currently we only accept major credit cards. We are looking into the possibility of adding other payment options.
    • Do you have any other products that I can add to my membership?
      • We are aware that it's not only razors that should have more high quality options at smarter prices. We are expanding to other product categories in the future as well. Feel free to send your product suggestions to members@vikingshaveclub.com.
    • Is it possible to have more than one subscriptions on my account?
      • Sure. Log in to your account and make a new subscription for the other products.

      Our razors

      • How many blades will I receive?
        • You will receive 5 blades for the Guard model, and 4 blades for the Viking and King models. The blades are included in every shipment.
      • Can I order extra razor handles?
        • The first handle costs you 5, 15, or 25 euros according to the model you choose. If you are not happy with your subscription and decide to downgrade the plan, we will send you a handle for the new model for free. If your handle ever breaks or we change the razor models, we will send you the new handles for free for your lifetime. So no more paying for those! Extra handles cost 4, 8 or 10 euros depending on the model. Contact info@vikingshaveclub.com if you need more handles, e.g. for your girlfriend, boyfriend, travelling or your family.
      • Can women also use your products?
        • Of course! Who said women couldn't? Our razors are excellent for all your body grooming needs.
      • How many times can I use one cartridge/blade? When should I replace one?
        • It's really hard to say since people have different needs.
        • However, for most people one fresh blade each week should be enough even if you shave everyday.
        • If you feel that the frequency is not suitable for you, feel free to change it by logging into your account and managing your membership. You can also change the razor model.
      • So, how can you offer great razors at such low prices?
        • The logic is actually quite simple. We don't have any middlemen (such as importers, distributors, physical retailers etc.) so we can invest the extra money in better products while keeping the prices reasonable.
        • We also have no millionaire tennis superstars' salaries to pay and this can be seen as a huge drop in the price.
        • In other words, we don't want to sell 3€ razors for 20 euros.
      • Do your blades fit other brand models' handles?
        • Nope, our razors are uniquely built for you and therefore they are not compatible with other brand models.
      • Where are your blades manufactured?
        • The steel we use in our Guard model's blades is manufactured in Sweden and other models' in the US. The razors are assembled overseas.


      • Where do you ship?
        • We currently ship within Europe.
      • How long is the delivery time for the orders?
        • Usually 2-5 business days for the first order and 8-12 days for the blade deliveries. You can take the shipping time for the blade deliveries into account by adjusting your delivery frequency earlier on your member page. We will automatically ship the next shipment 30 days after the first order. You can adjust the schedule anytime.
      • What is the shipping cost?
        • The shipping costs 2.90€ on the Guard model. We offer free shipping on the Viking and the King model.

      Friend referral program

      • How does the friend referral program work?
        • It's super simple. Grab the referral link from your account page and share it with your friends. When somebody joins the club through your custom link, you will earn 5 euros as credits on your member account. You can use them to reduce your monthly membership costs at this point.

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