How it works

Viking Shave Club makes buying razors as easy as it should be. Here is how it works:

    1. Check out our three epic blades.
    2. Order the one that suits you best. 
    3. POW! You're a club member. Enjoy blades delivered to your home every 1, 2, or 3 months.
    • Customize your plan
      • First we send you 4-5 x blades + a handle that lasts for a lifetime. After that, we will ship you just the blades. As a member you are free to change the delivery frequency anytime. You can also change your razor model when you like on your member page – if you are not happy with your model and decide to downgrade the subscription, the new handle will also be sent for free. We will bill you just 1 day before we ship your blades, so you only pay per shipment.
    • No fees
      • You just pay for the blades and delivery. That's it.
    • No contracts
      • Forget the gym membership models or getting ripped off by telephone-marketed deals. You can cancel anytime if you're not satisfied.
    • Enjoy the convenience
      • As a member you'll never run out of fresh blades - and never have to overpay for razors again.
    • Spread the word and get even more benefits
      • But wait, there's more! Invite your friends to the club and we will give you VSC credits. You can spend your credits on awesome goodies such as free membership months.
    • Save time and money
      • Never pay 20 euros for unnecessary shaving technology again. Start spending your time and money on stuff you like.

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