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Razors redesigned

WE WERE NORDIC STUDENTS who decided to solve a problem. It all began with the two of us, Sami & Jiri, feeling ripped off by big razor companies and their boring, plastic design. You always end up spending more when you lose or break your plastic razor handle. Tired of shaving with dull razors, we decided not only to make the service much more convenient, but to ensure our redesigned razors lasted a lifetime.

WE REACHED OUT to factories around the world to find the best available materials for our design. We were inspired by Nordic design values: simple, elegant and minimalistic. Nordic-design products are traditionally made to last from generation to generation – it’s the reason we went ahead and made our razor handles metallic. They’re easy to clean and last a long time. How can you be sure? Well, we give a free razor handle to our members if their razor handle ever breaks.

We wanted our members to feel like somebody had already gone to the trouble of choosing the right product for them. The goal was to capture the feel of the Nordics: the breathtaking fjords in Norway and the fresh clean waters of a thousand lakes in Finland. Why the Viking-name? Because Vikings are awesome and a modern Viking needs the best equipment available.

Unbeatable service at a fair price

WE GOT ALL OUR CONTACTS TOGETHER not only to design the best shaving experience, but also to keep the prices fair. Even though the Nordic people have not always been wealthy throughout the history, Nordic design is about making beautiful, functional products that fit most people’s needs. That is why an affordable price is an important element of how we run our business. Rather than pay high prices for razors and buy new razor handles, at the VSC, you first pay for a durable handle and then pay constantly lower prices for the blades. It is an old marketing trick to get people to first buy a “cheap” handle and then make them pay for overpriced cartridges.

By offering memberships with new blades delivered monthly, we created an unbeatable service that takes the entire shaving experience to a level previously unseen while keeping the prices affordable to our members. It was surprising that lowering the price was actually quite easy: we just got rid of the middlemen. We have no retailers, importers or distributors to pay. We’d rather give the saved money to our members than advertising agencies.


WE SHIP THE BLADES STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. There’s no need for anything else than a website and high quality razors. There we had it, a concept that will hopefully change the way the world shaves.

Yours in shaving,
The Viking Shave Club Team

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