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“Started using 2nd @VikingShaveClub blade this morning. The carefree replenishment, sharp & cool razors feels like a winning combination!”
- Tomi J. Viking Shave Club Twitter Reviews



Viking Shave Club Review

“Awesome is the best word to describe them. And with this kind of price, good bye plastic gilette... I had the chance to shave with them and they feel sharp enough not to miss any spots. The materials feel robust and it feels heavy, which i think is good. The looks are shiny, i mean.. just watch the picture i took.. The price is fair. Congratulations VSC!”
-Diogo R.


Just Got Here Well Happy With The Product

Posted by Martynas Tyminas on Friday, March 25, 2016

“Just Got Here Well Happy With The Product ”
- Martynas T.


Aiemmin käytin kertakäyttöisiä höyliä, kun en halunnut maksaa kahtakymmentä euroa muutamasta vaihtopäästä. 6 kpl kertakä...

Posted by Petteri Murtomäki on Saturday, February 13, 2016

"I used to shave with disposable razors since I didn’t want to pay 20 euros for just a couple of cartridges. 6 pieces of disposable razors cost around 8€ and you could use each of them twice. So this means that you would need to be able to shave at least three times with each Viking-blade in order to save money. I am happy to notice that after the third shave, Viking was still sharper than disposable razors I used to shave with. This sounds like “Shopping TV” but Viking works!! I am usually very critical towards everything new but VSC surprised me positively. Home delivery is only a good thing.”
- Petteri M.


This is good! Excellent quality razors with fast delivery and great customer service. I'm more than pleased!

Posted by Jesse Räty on Friday, February 12, 2016

“This is good! Excellent quality razors with fast delivery and great customer service. I'm more than pleased!”
- Jesse R.



“When you come across these subscription-based services, it always makes you wonder how long-term contracts you are committing to when you order. However, Viking Shave Club does not want to annoy their customers with long-term contracts. You can change the delivery frequency whenever you want, or either cancel or pause the order just like in Spotify or Netflix. If you are into shaving with traditional razors, you should definitely check them out.”
-Tyyliniekka, the most popular mens’ fashion blog in Finland



Taidanpa kirjottaa pikku arvostelun tuosta The King höylästä.Yllätyin todella positiiivisesti! Laatu on varren osalta j...

Posted by Joni Huovinen on Monday, March 21, 2016

“A little review for King-model. I was really positively surprised! Handle fits hand excellent and feels good to hold. However, couple blades were broken when I removed them from package, but that’s small compared to excellent and close shave they provided! My skin felt amazing after first shave. Much better result than for example. overpriced brand razors. I definitely recommend.”
- Joni H.



"Mm, tasty! #vikingshaveclub #beardbgone"
- Anssi. K. Viking Shave Club Reviews  Instagram



“@VikingShaveClub I found a solution for my laziness to buy new blades @VikingShaveClub ”
- Teemu K. Viking Shave Club Twitter Reviews



"Great to see how these guys dare to take the risk and begin entrepreneurship! Here you see an excellent end product @vikingshaveclub #entrepreneur #newproduct #backtobasics #servicedesign"
- Roni S. Viking Shave Club Reviews  Instagram